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Authentic English language development through culture immersion and real-life experiences. 

​纯正美语     环境教学     用耐心打磨品质


  • The Solasta EducaTours program is intended for children ages 9 - 11. 

  • The length of this program is 12 days.

  • This is an all-inclusive experience, which means the students will be provided the following:

    • round-trip flight tickets

    • meals & accommodation​s

    • fully stocked refrigerator at accommodation (snacks & refreshments)

    • English lectures & learning materials

    • airport pick-up & drop-off

    • attraction tickets

    • transportation to attraction destinations

Before we begin...

Holistic Approach

Combined with classroom lectures, hands-on activities, and real-life experiences, our courses are designed to encourage students to be active participants throughout their learning process.  We nurture an inclusive teaching environment, where detailed attention is given to each child to promote English language expression and development.

Our students will be provided with the opportunity to expand on the following English language skills (content based on proficiency level):

  • sentence structure

  • vocabulary building

  • listening & speaking

Exciting Adventures

What's more fun than learning a language in class? Going out and living it!  We realize the importance of visual stimulation for child language development.  Bringing participants into an environment where they can interact directly with materials covered during lectures. Seeing them come to life!  

      Here's a sneak peek:  Get up close and personal with exotic animals at Wild Florida!

Social Responsibility

In addition to classroom lectures and fun-filled adventures, we also want our students to learn the importance of caring for people and the environment.  As integrated members of society, we all bear the responsibility of helping to preserve and sustain the fragile web of life on this Earth.  No matter how small the effort, we just have to start somewhere. 

We will be partnering with a local non-profit organization as an initiative to build social and environmental awareness with our students.  The memories we create with them should be meaningful and will foster positive social change. 


For information regarding this program such as tour times and pricing, please email us at info@solastala.com or just simply complete the below contact form!  Thank you so much for your interest.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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